Issue 7

August/September, 2005

Tips of the Trade

Leading InDesign professionals share 79 of their favorite tricks for working more efficiently (and having more fun).

InStep: Picture This

Branislav Milic helps you place an image inside text and even apply a gradient without losing the ability to edit the text.

InQuestion: Sandee Cohen

Sandee answers reader questions.

InPerson: Thomas Phinney

Adobe type guru talks about the past, present, and future of type technology.

InDesigners: Evansday Design

Evansday Designs takes on everything from private school catalogs to books about prizefighters.

InReview: Imposition Helpers

Brian P. Lawler puts three plug-ins through their paces.

InBrief: Helpful Products

Color Spec Cubed, InEvent Script, Smart Layout, and TypeFitter.

In the News

Quark steps over the line with provocative postcards.

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