Issue 70: Inspired Designs

February 2015

Inspired Designs

Rebecca Bedrossian highlights a variety of innovative design work to inspire you.

Working with Adobe Muse CC 2014

Justin Seeley shows just how easy it can be to transfer your InDesign skills to the job of building websites.

Using RGB Images in InDesign, from Photoshop to Final PDF

David Blatner offers up a step by step guide to getting the best color images in your work.

InDesign 101: Placing Images

Every InDesign user should know the fine details of placing images, and Sandee Cohen’s got ’em.

GREP of the Month: Email Addresses

Bart Van de Wiele shares a simple expression to help you instantly format email addresses.

InReview: Blurb Book Creator

Conrad Chavez examines a plug-in to help you self-publish books.

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