Issue 72: InDesign to Kindle

April 2015

From InDesign to Kindle

Kevin Callahan takes you step by step through the process of publishing ebooks to Amazon.


Erica Gamet inaugurates a tasty new column to when your InDesign appetite.

InPerson: Saurabh Mahajan

David Blatner interviews the newest InDesign Product Manager.

InDesign 101: Character Styles

Sandee Cohen shows you the right way to control text formatting at the character level.

InType: Top Ten Terrible Type Transgressions

Scott Citron slaps you on the wrist with a ruler—a pica ruler, of course. Formatting school is now in session.

GREP of the Month: Controlling GREP Greediness

Michael Murphy shows you how to restrict GREP searches for better targeted results.

Best of the Blog

The most important and informative articles from InDesignSecrets

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