Issue 73: The Food Issue

May 2015

The Art of the Menu

Pamela Pfiffner explores the world of designing and producing restaurant menus.

Creating a Cookbook

Chad Chelius reveals his recipe for efficiently producing distinctive cookbooks (includes a downloadable template).

Edible Printing

Claudia McCue opens up a whole new meaning of tasteful design.

InDesigner: Da Capo Press

Diane Burns shares the story of a publisher whose cookbooks promote good nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices, Da Capo Press.

InType: Beyond Helvetica

Nigel French takes a deep dive into the world of sans-serif fonts.

GREP of the Month: Keep Out

Peter Kahrel shares an alternative to the traditional lookbehind expression that is as powerful as it is obscure.

Best of the Blog

The most important and informative articles from InDesignSecrets

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