Issue 8

October/November, 2005

Using Sans Serif Typefaces

Learn what makes a great sans serif and how to use them.

Make a Magnifying Text Frame

Explore how to make a text frame remember its scaling.

InQuestion: Q&A

Your questions answered.

Drop Anchor: Anchored Objects

Sail into the uncharted territories of CS2’s anchored objects.

Renewing a Newspaper

The small-town Kitsap Sun goes from clunky to credible.

InPerson: Thomas Nielsen

InDesign’s director of engineering talks about the future.

InReview: PatternMaker, Cross-Talk

Gorge on gorgeous patterns; integrate InCopy more easily.

Easy Scripts You Already Own

Take the pain and price out of InDesign scripting.

Tables Break Boundaries

You won’t believe the layout problems tables can solve.

Quick Takes in Helpful Products

Flow text, preflight, change your mind, set equations, and more.

Books We Like

Help for everyone from novices to power users.


The Chicago Tribune switches; conference reports; InDesign Server.

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