InDesign Magazine Issue 81

Issue 81: Publish Online

January 2016

Publish Online

Diane Burns has all the details about Publish Online, Adobe’s intriguing new publishing platform.

InDesign in Africa

Starshine Roshell rounds up some of the most interesting work from InDesign users in Africa.

Vector Paths

Want to know more about working with vector paths? There’s no one better than Ole Kvern to teach you.

InReview: QuickResize

Bob Levine reviews an add-on called QuickResize that can save you a lot of time and aggravation when you have to resize a document.

GREP of the Month

Erica Gamet shows how to use the vertical pipe to add either/or flexibility to GREP expressions.

Best of the Blogs

The most important and informative articles from InDesignSecrets and InCopySecrets

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