InDesign Magazine issue 88: The InDesign Script-o-pedia

Issue 88: The InDesign Script-o-pedia

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August 2016

The InDesign Script-o-pedia

Erica Gamet brings together a collection of some of the coolest and most useful InDesign scripts.

Scripting Stories

David Blatner got five of the world’s top InDesign scripters to tell how they got started.

InStep: Excel to InDesign via XML

Chad Chelius shows how to maximize your design options when using Excel data in your layouts.

GREP of the Month: Negation

Bart Van de Wiele shows how to exclude one or more characters in your GREP expressions.

InDesigner: Brady Type

Anne-Marie Concepción provides a close-up glimpse of Laura Brady’s ebook design and development work.

Best of the Blog

The most important and informative articles from InDesignSecrets

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