Issue 9

December 2005 / January 2006

InDepth: Get Editors Off Your Back

Anne-Marie Concepción frees you from being editorial’s monkey.

InDepth: Turn the Tables

Keith Gilbert hands you shortcuts, scripts, and plug-ins that take away the tedium of table formatting.

InDepth: InDesign Server

Find out why Max Dunn calls it the best thing since Gutenberg.

InStep: Set Type Well

Rufus Deuchler shows you how to improve on InDesign’s defaults.

InStep: Fade an Item’s Edge

David Blatner walks you through the process. It’s easy!

InQuestion: Sandee Cohen

Sandee answers readers’ questions.

InDesigner: McDonald’s

John Cruise details how the corporate giant took the plunge.

InReview: Cross References, X-ray

Are these cross-reference and palette tools worth buying?

InBrief: Helpful Products

Jeff Gamet peeks at a Quark converter, font manager, barcode creators, a text counter, smart pasters, and more.


Michael Brady reviews books on book design. How meta!

In the News

Rorohiko’s new plug-ins add smarts to InDesign.

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