InDesign Magazine issue 97

Issue 97: Find/Change

May 2017

Mastering Find/Change

Wish you had the power to make sweeping changes to the content and formatting of your InDesign documents? You do! Chad Chelius explains.

Review: InDesign 2017.1

David Blatner shares his thoughts on the latest update to InDesign.

3 Bonus Features of Text Styles

Melinda Grant shares three great reasons you should always use text styles.

Creating Image Vignettes

Conrad Chavez shows how creating image vignettes directly in InDesign can often be faster, easier to edit, and more efficient than doing the job in Photoshop.

InReview: Footwork

Keith Gilbert reviews a powerful alternative to InDesign’s automatic footnote feature.

Best of the Blog

The most important and informative articles from InDesignSecrets

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