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Keeping Up with InDesign EPUB Export

One of the fastest changing features in InDesign the past few versions has been EPUB export. Creating EPUB from InDesign started out with a rather weak plug-in in InDesign CS4 and CS5 which required many workarounds and lots of editing of the HTML and CSS after export.

Beginning with InDesign CS5.5, the InDesign team has been progressing with great determination to making EPUB export a tool which would export most (and for many documents all) of the code to create a good EPUB. Each version, Douglas Waterfall, Architect of InDesign Engineering, and his top flight engineers have been making great progress. However, to make use of this, you need up-to-date information about InDesign EPUB export.

The newest source of information is a new InDesign EPUB forum on the Adobe Forums. A sub-forum on the Adobe InDesign forum, it was set up this morning by Bob Levine. This will be a great place to gather, ask questions and answer questions for those trying to keep up the fast-changing world of EPUB export from InDesign. Here’s the link:

Before, there were EPUB questions posted and answered in the Adobe InDesign forum but they were sometime lost in the large volume of general InDesign topics.

Other Great Sources of Information

Here are are some other great ways to stay current on InDesign EPUB:

  • is one of InDesignSecrets’ sister websites. Newly re-energized and hosted by Matthew Diener, it keeps you up to speed on “all things EPUB.”

Add your own favorite links in your replies to this posting.

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Steve Werner

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