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Known Issues in InDesign CS5

Creative Suite 5 is shipping and judging from buzz on various mailing lists and the User to User forums, there are quite a few folks that have taken the plunge.

Unfortunately, early adopters are usually the ones that get bitten by the bugs that either went undiscovered during beta testing or simply didn’t get squashed in time.

If you’re among those working with CS5 and wondering about known issues, Adobe has issued a TechNote for InDesign. Additionally, if find something that you think is a bug, then by all means let Adobe know about it by filling in the bug report form found here. Feel free to leave a comment here, also.

Let the dot releases begin!

Bob Levine

Bob Levine

Bob Levine is a graphic designer and a consultant focused on providing InDesign training and guidance in developing efficient, collaborative workflows to those moving from QuarkXPress or PageMaker. An Adobe Certified Expert in both InDesign and InCopy, Bob has written articles for InDesign Magazine and is an Adobe User to User forums host. He has more than 15 years of industry experience and has been using InDesign since version 1.0. For more background, visit his website, or his blog,
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122 Comments on “Known Issues in InDesign CS5

  1. I have a problem that came with CS5:

    I want to hide/show buttons on page 2 in the document when I click on a button on page 1.

    In ID CS4 I can choose to Hide/Show ALL interactive buttons in the document ? on any page.
    In ID CS5 I can only hide/show the buttons that are on the same page.

    Am I missing something or is this a bug? Can you help me?

  2. @Martin, Admittedly I don’t do a lot of this but I can’t really see a lot of difference between CS4 and CS5 behavior.

    I just tried it in both and I can easily select all of the buttons in the document for Hide/Show Button behavior.

  3. Strange, Bob. I can confirm the behavior that Martin reports. Could it be Mac only?

    When you choose the Hide/Show button action for a selected button, do you see a list of all the buttons in the document or just the ones on that page? I tested the same file in CS4 and CS5 — and in CS4, all the buttons in the doc are listed; in CS5, only the other buttons on the same page as the selected one are listed.

  4. Ack! You’re right.

    I had some buttons on a master page and that’s what I was seeing. This seems like a bug…or very poor judgment.

  5. @David: As regards 2-page-only PDF previews in Bridge, I’ve reported this as a bug. It’s quite consistent. And no, I wasn’t looking at an INDD by mistake! It may also be that it’s a Bridge CS5 bug that only appears with documents created by ID CS5.

    A PDF created from CS4 or earlier shows all the pages in Bridge, and they can be paged through in the preview panel. The same document exported from CS5 has a preview that Bridge is convinced has exactly two pages. (Also true for a 1-page document!) This is visible on a workstation and on a MacBook Pro (both running Win7 x64).

  6. I have experienced the same the 2-page PDF problem on documents created in IndesignCS5 when viewed in BridgeCS5. My machine is also Windows 7×64 so maybe it’s a Windows or a 64 bit problem?

    BTW, the same CS5-created PDFs are displayed correctly in BridgeCS3, which is still installed on my laptop, so I would hazard that the problem is in BridgeCS5.

  7. ID CS5 seems to have big issues with legacy files. Yesterday, I was editing a file converted from CS4 and I think it was my most frustrating experience with a piece of Adobe software: cut & paste: crash; move pages: crash; contextual menu: crash.

    After an hour of deleting prefs & workspaces, I decided to cut my losses and rebuild the file in CS4. Same file, same assets: not a single crash.

  8. @David, Unfortunately you’re not the only one I’ve seen report this type of thing. One thing you might want to try is to export the CS4 file to IDML from CS5 and then work on that.

    From what I’ve read this seems to clear out whatever is causing the problems.

  9. Three major issues in CS5 for me as of this date: (1) Return key in dialog boxes merely inserts an invisible space character, rather than pressing OK or whatever default button (minor but highly irritating when trying to be ultraproductive). (2) No more “click to set origin”?in CS4 you could easily set the origin of a transform by clicking somewhere on the pasteboard. No more. Now you much click with the option key, and cancel the dialog box that comes up to use custom transform point. Another productivity killer. (3) Magic Mouse scrolling: This is insane and seemingly unfixable, since there are no controls to adjust this. I use MightyPrefs, and it makes no difference in InDesign.

  10. Running In Design CS5 on Win 7 Ultimate, 64 bit. Worked fine for a couple of months then yesterday the windows, Page, Layers, Preflight, etc, went dead. For example, with a document open, I open the Pages window and click on a page and nothing happens. the slide bar doesn’t work and I can’t select a master from the upper window. I can select between Pages and Effects from the top bar and the bottom bar’s selections, add page, delete, add page size are ok. I see similar problems with all other windows.
    I tried several different documents and even set up a new one with the same results. I ran repair in the Windows Uninstall with no change. I then uninstalled In Design and downloaded a new copy from My Account at After the install, same problem.

    Am I overlooking a switch somewhere, or is there something wrong?


  11. Thanks for the quick response. I tried the fix. That didn’t work it and now the lower bar on the Pages window is also inactive. I’m getting real nervous now- I have a deadline.

  12. And the Problem Was:

    Okay I got it.

    Yesterday I changed one of my monitors so I would have two identical ones. That way I could have identical resolution on both.

    When I did that I reset the print size, at 100% I had to scoot up to the monitor to read it. Tried 125 % and it was an improvement, but I liked 150% even better.

    I remember somewhere seeing that InDesign would only run properly at very high resolution. So I changed text size (in Win 7 Control Panel) to 100% and the problem went away. I also tried 150% and that works also.

    So, Problem solved.

    Thanks for you attentiveness.

  13. I have several issues with document exported from cs5 to pdf, in indesign and illustrator. When i check doc in the acrobat, repot that have type 1, ttf and otf fonts embeded, commonly a have this with all document. When i try to make plate for ctp after rip system, (i have Metadimension 6.2 but try on Harlequin 8 and other rips) font is replaced with squares, absolutely unusable, that is happened before when you have screen font but you don’t have printer font (pfb and pfa if somebody remember) but now font is ttf and otf and don’t have separate parts for screen and print. I must note that i set rip to abort job when font missing but i don’t receive any info about font replacement and imposition work with jt (without changing original pdf). Another case happened when is font partially included in pdf, on some character position type is replaced with some character that not belong there, absolutely miracle, i suspect that all character not include in document and then pdf mix with character that have ?! Any suggestion??

  14. Folks, when you have a problem that you need help with, I suggest you click on Forum to go to (that way more people will see it, I think).

    @dejan: Does it help if you change the subset fonts to zero percent instead of 100%?

  15. Hi,

    We’re having problems with the “Export to SWF” feature – not sure whether it’s a bug or not?

    The documentation seems to suggest that when exporting as SWF, any additional media files (e.g. other SWF or MP3) used in the INDD are included in the SWF, but that for FLA files, it creates a resources folder which it puts the media files into. We’re finding that it is creating the folder for SWF exports as well, but then when we load the SWF and it’s folder onto the web, it isn’t playing the additional media files (which are in the directory).

    It works locally OK, but as soon as we load it up, it’s almost as if the links are breaking somehow …

    Have we mis-understood the docs? Or are we missing something with the export?

    Thanks in anticipation!


  16. Hello! So, every time I open the character window, and try to select a font from that menu, InDesign crashes unexpectedly. Using a imac i5, with SL 10.6.4… if I use a different font menu it works, but slowly. anyone else have that issue? Im sick of restarting indesign! i should of just stayed with cs4, the only reason i changed is because im a student and my school uses cs5 now and i was trying to keep compatibility issues to a minimum

  17. @Cath: That sounds like a good question for the forums. Yes, ID does create a resources folder for SWFs, too. Not sure why it’s not finding them.

    @Todd: I suggest rebuilding your preferences. You may need to delete your font caches, too (there are utilities to do that).