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Tip of the Week: Learn About Your Links at a Glance

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The Links panel is a great tool to review and manage all the placed links in your InDesign documents. But it’s not obvious how to get a quick summary of the status of your links. Sure you have Column and Link Info where you can set up different metadata and filter your images, but what if you just want a quick count of how many unique images you have in your document? Or how many missing, modified, or embedded images?

Just hover your cursor over the total link count on the left side of the Links panel and you get a pop-up that tells you exactly how many unique links there are in your document. It also shows you counts of missing, modified, embedded links. It will even tell you how many sublinks you have in your document (which are links in other .INDDs placed in your current document).

Bart Van de Wiele

Bart Van de Wiele

Bart started his career as a graphic designer in 2001, specialising in print production and image retouching. After this he became an Adobe Certified Instructor, doing classroom training for various companies and covering a broad range of Adobe solutions. He's a renowned speaker at conferences in Europe, Australia and the United States and has written many articles on Adobe's print and e-publishing solutions. Bart recently joined Adobe Systems as a Solutions Consultant where he continues his passion for creative software.
Bart Van de Wiele

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3 Comments on “Tip of the Week: Learn About Your Links at a Glance

    • Nope, when a link is placed more than once, the placements are not unique.
      So, if I place one image two times, it will say 2 Total links, 1 Unique.

      The screenshot above is still a mystery to me. AFAIK you can’t have more unique links than total links.

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