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MacTel InDesign Problem Fixed with 10.4.8 Update

We’re happy to report that the Mac OS 10.4.8 update apparently fixes the terrible measurements problem Mac Intel/MacTel users have been experiencing with InDesign. Branislav Milic first reported this on his French InDesign site a couple of weeks ago (based on the prerelease beta of the Apple Mac OS update), but now that 10.4.8 has been released, we are hearing that others are finding this successful, too.

David Blatner

David Blatner

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8 Comments on “MacTel InDesign Problem Fixed with 10.4.8 Update

  1. Sorry, I jumped the gun, but apparently the situation is only “improved” and not fixed. Many non-integer numbers will display as intended, but other will still display out to 15- or 16-digits. It’s still a worthwhile update, but it doesn’t technically “fix” the cosmetic measurement problem with InDesign CS2.

  2. It also doesn’t fix the apparent Rosetta problem where if you click on a colour in your swatch palette, it gives the proper colour mix in CMYK, but if you click on the colour in the colour picker, it’s incorrect. This happens in InDesign CS2 and Illustrator CS2. Doesn’t seem to happen on PPC machines.

  3. Unfortunately, the update seems to have introduced another serious -perhaps more serious- problem. When using any of the Pathfinder functions, be it from the pallet or as an effect, on a circular path, Illustrator crashes like there’s no tomorrow…

  4. i can’t even get ill to boot up without it crashing. it started yesterday when i installed the 10.4.8 update. I’m on a preIntel Mac (last one before the switch). Any thoughts? CC my email adderess if so. Thanks.

  5. The Illustrator bug is a known issue. The fix is to close the Appearance palette and then quit Illustrator. When you restart the program the bug is gone (you have to ensure the Appearance Palette is always closed when quitting).

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