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Naming Items in the Layers Panel

Back in the day, before a laptop became my main work machine, I used to put sticky notes around my monitor as reminders to do certain things in the files I worked on. Those days are long gone, but there are plenty of ways to add notes and labels to content in your InDesign files.

One way is to use the Layers panel.

To add a custom name to a layer, group, or object, do a slow double-click on it (click, pause, and click again), then type the name you want.

So instead of generic names.

generic names in the Layers panel

You can have something like this.

custom names in the Layers panel

Just remember that the Layers panel only shows items on the spread you’re currently viewing. And to remove a custom name in the layers panel, select and delete it, then click away from the Layers panel.

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4 Comments on “Naming Items in the Layers Panel

  1. ‘… the Layers panel only shows items on the spread you’re currently viewing.’

    One of the annoying by-products of this behaviour, or so I assume, is that the Layers panel, for tables that extend two frames or more, shows the section of the table in each frame as a separate item and, if the table extends beyond the spread, does not show its frames on other pages. An instance of the Layers panel not recognising stories.

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