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New Contest! The Mystery of the Perplexing Preview

Hey folks, it’s time for another InDesign mystery that you can solve for a chance to win an awesome prize!

Here’s the scenario: You receive an InDesign file with a logo composed of a placed image, some type on a path, and a background circle with a red fill and black stroke.


You want to get a quick preview of the logo without all the frames edges showing. So you deselect everything and choose View > Screen Mode > Preview (or press the keyboard shortcut W). Much to your dismay, the placed image disappears while the text and background circle remain.


If you go back to Normal viewing mode, the placed image reappears.


What could be causing this to happen?

This month’s prize is a license for MathTools 2.0 from Movemen. This powerful set of plug-ins allows you to do high-quality math typesetting right in InDesign using MathStyles, similar to InDesign’s native styles. It provides Equation Editor functionality plus several useful import and export features. For all the details of what you can accomplish with MathTools, check out the review in issue 74 of InDesign Magazine.

There will be one winner chosen at random from all the correct answers I receive before February 15th, 2016

Enter now by emailing your solution to mike at

Note: Comments are closed on this post while the contest is open so no one gives away the answer. Good luck!

Mike Rankin

Mike Rankin

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