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Nominate Your Favorite Ridiculous InDesign Feature

I guess InDesign must be perfect, because despite our request in our latest podcast (episode 177) to email us your favorite “ridiculous feature,” we’ve barely received any. C’mon people! :D

Perhaps it’s because we didn’t get to the topic until about 25 minutes into the podcast, when I had to go answer the doorbell and David took over for a minute. Maybe people took that cue to also go answer their own doorbells while he prattled on about something or other? Heh. Well, he wasn’t talking about the winding number rule, folks, he announced that in our next podcast, we thought it would be illuminating (and fun) to trash talk InDesign a bit, and asked listeners to email us what they consider to be a ridiculous feature.

What exactly do we mean by a “ridiculous” feature? Something silly. Something useless. Something that InDesign offers that is kind of dumb or clunky, that you’d never use, that you don’t think anyone has ever used, actually.

Like maybe this?

Or this?

Or how about this?

Even icons are fair game … like, what’s with the Eye of Horus here? It’s creepy.

We have a few in mind, and Sandee Cohen just emailed us a good one in the Cell Options dialog box. But we want more!

We love the element of surprise, so it’d be great if you could email us your nomination(s) at, and then we’ll talk about them in the next podcast (episode 178, sometime in the first half of August), and people can bash them (or defend them) with comments in the Show Notes after. If you e-mail us, use the subject “Ridiculous!” so it’s easier for us to find.

But if you feel compelled to write about your favorite ridiculous feature in the comments below, be our guest. Just don’t be too mean, please, otherwise we’ll need to delete the comment! This is in the spirit of a good-natured ribbing of the program we all love.

Anne-Marie Concepcion

Anne-Marie Concepcion

Anne-Marie “Her Geekness” Concepción is the co-founder (with David Blatner) and CEO of Creative Publishing Network, which produces InDesignSecrets, InDesign Magazine, and other resources for creative professionals. Through her cross-media design studio, Seneca Design & Training, Anne-Marie develops ebooks and trains and consults with companies who want to master the tools and workflows of digital publishing. She has authored over 20 courses on on these topics and others. Keep up with Anne-Marie by subscribing to her ezine, HerGeekness Gazette, and contact her by email at or on Twitter @amarie
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51 Comments on “Nominate Your Favorite Ridiculous InDesign Feature

  1. Voxann: This used to bother me too, until I learned to toggle ALL the guides with the W shortcut. That way I can preview my layout without distractions, and see edges when I need them.

    I definitely nominate the Content Grabber. I instinctively use A to switch to the Direct Select tool when I want to alter an image’s position in its frame – which is rarely, because once I’ve placed it I’m usually happy with what I did.

    Also, the hidden export progress. What gives?

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