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Now available: JavaScript for InDesign, 2nd Edition

Cover of the ebook JavaScript in InDesign, 2nd edition, by Peter Kahrel

JavaScript for InDesign, by Peter Kahrel

We’re pleased to announce InDesignSecrets’ latest publication, the 2nd edition of Peter Kahrel’s JavaScript for InDesign (144-page PDF).

Just like Peter’s GREP in InDesign, this new book is formatted for easy reading on screen, with plenty of screenshots, and fully bookmarked, hyperlinked, and cross-referenced to make navigating it a breeze.

Dive Deeper

Adobe InDesign is like an iceberg: The features you see in the panels and menus are only a small percentage of what’s actually available in the program; the rest lies below the surface. If you want to access those hidden riches, you just need to learn three relatively straightforward concepts:

  • InDesign’s “Object Model” (how the program organizes itself internally and how it names its pieces),
  • The basics of JavaScript, a scripting language that uses operators, properties, and other logical bits to manipulate web page and software program features; and finally,
  • How to put those two together—that is, how to write JavaScript code that will access and manipulate Object Model components (pages, text frames, and so on).

In JavaScript for InDesign, author Peter Kahrel presents these three concepts in his usual clear and comprehensible manner. In fact, you’ll find yourself writing your first script within the first few pages. He covers everything from writing and testing JavaScripts, to how to troubleshoot the scripts that aren’t behaving well.

Grab your copy of JavaScript for InDesign to dive in and explore the rest of the iceberg.

Anne-Marie Concepcion

Anne-Marie Concepcion

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Anne-Marie Concepcion

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    • Or use Microsoft Visual Studio Code and the official (and maintained by Adobe itself) ExtendScript Debugger

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