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The A, B, Cs of Numbered Lists

Tips and techniques for making great-looking lists with the least amount of hassle.

InDesign Magazine Issue 89
This article appeared in Issue 89 of InDesign Magazine.

I find myself making lists all the time—not just the kind on scraps of paper, but the kinds that have to be precisely typeset in InDesign! You might think just typing the list numbers—1., 2., 3., etc.—is the easiest way to create a list, and actually, when I have just a few items, that’s what I do. But for long lists, multi-level lists, and lists that are in a state of flux (where items may be added, removed, or reordered, requiring subsequent items to renumber), you should be using InDesign’s Numbered List feature.

The Basics of Creating Numbered Lists

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Jamie McKee

Jamie McKee

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