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Pattern diversions

Warning: This is a time-sucker. I can’t be responsible for the loss of productivity that will ensue after you read this post!

I stumbled across an interesting “effect” today while trying to accomplish something else entirely.

1. Select the Polygon Frame Tool, and then click on your page.

2. Fill in the dialog box as shown below:

3. Give the polygon a fill color of none and a stroke color (I used red).

4. Assign a 1 pt stroke weight to the polygon.

5. Change the Stroke Type to Wavy.

6. Now experiment with the weight of the stroke. Also, experiment with changing the stroke alignment from Center to Outside in the Stroke panel. Have fun!

4 pt stroke, center stroke alignment

7 pt stroke, center stroke alignment

12 pt stroke, outside stroke alignment

18 pt stroke, center stroke alignment

18 pt stroke, outside stroke alignment

23 pt stroke, center stroke alignment

Keith Gilbert

Keith Gilbert

Keith Gilbert is a digital publishing consultant and educator, Adobe Certified Instructor, Adobe Community Professional, conference speaker, author, and contributing writer for various publications. His work has taken him throughout North America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. During his 30 years as a consultant, his clients have included Adobe, Apple, Target, the United Nations, Best Buy, General Mills, Lands' End, and Medtronic. Follow him on Twitter @gilbertconsult and at
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7 Comments on “Pattern diversions

  1. Another fun trick: duplicate a few sunbursts, the change the color to various shades or orange and yellow, and play with the blending modes. You can get make it look like flames!

  2. Just draw a star with polygon tools and apply corner effects script several times with different options and finally you will have a beautiful Spirograph :)

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