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Helping Photoshop and InDesign Play Nice

InDesign Magazine issue 107
This article appeared in Issue 107 of InDesign Magazine.

Getting These Siblings to Get Along

You know that InDesign and Photoshop are brother and sister in the big Adobe family (along with their older sibling Illustrator), but—like all families—they don’t always get along as well as you might expect. And if you’re a typical InDesign user, you probably also use Photoshop a lot, so it’s essential that you find ways of getting them to work together well!

InDesign simply cannot do the kinds of things Photoshop can. For example, Photoshop is the best tool for changing the tone or color of an image. The Adobe Creative Cloud functions like an ecosystem of applications, each designed to perform a certain set of tasks within your creative workflow.

In this article, we’re going to focus on the many ways in which Photoshop integrates with InDesign and the great accomplishments you can achieve when you use these programs together.

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David Blatner

David Blatner

David Blatner is the co-founder of the Creative Publishing Network, InDesign Magazine, and the author or co-author of 15 books, including Real World InDesign. His InDesign videos at are among the most watched InDesign training in the world. You can find more about David at
David Blatner

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Chad Chelius

Chad Chelius

Chad Chelius is an Adobe Certified Instructor, Author, and Consultant in the Philadelphia area and works with clients to improve their creative workflows using Adobe products. He's also the author of several courses on He specializes in PDF accessibility using Adobe InDesign and is a regular speaker at The InDesign Conference and PePcon.
Chad Chelius

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