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InReview: PixelSquid

InDesign Magazine issue 107
This article appeared in Issue 107 of InDesign Magazine.

In the market for some extraordinary graphics? Check out this vast library of pre-rendered 3D objects that can be rotated to almost any angle.

Using 3D imagery can open up all kinds of creative avenues and make your designs stand out from the crowd. But the sad truth is that building 3D objects from scratch is laborious and requires a lot of expertise. Alternatively, you can buy ready-made 3D models from various websites; however, they’re expensive and take time to render. But PixelSquid offers the next best thing: a library of thousands of immaculately rendered 3D objects that any designer or illustrator can use, without a lot of work, available on a subscription basis, with new objects added daily. Even better, you can quickly choose, edit, save, and place this 3D artwork into your InDesign layouts.

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