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Poll Results: How Often Do You Use Free Fonts?

Hey folks, it’s time once again to review the results of a poll and launch a new one.

This past month, we asked about your usage of free fonts. Not surprisingly, it turns out that free is a very popular price for a font. Over 43% or respondents report using free fonts most of the time. Just over one-third of respondents use gratis glyphs infrequently. And the other two responses, Never and Only for personal projects, both garnered a bit over 10% of the vote.

InDesign poll results: free font usage

If you’re one of the folks who enjoys a good free font, be sure to check out CreativePro, where there are many articles with collections of free fonts, like here, here, here, and here. If you’re still uncertain about whether you should be using free fonts, check out Ilene Strizver’s article, Free Fonts: Are They Worth It or Not? as well as John Berry’s article in Issue#63.

Also keep an eye out for the next issue of InDesign Magazine, where (spoiler alert!) Keith Gilbert has written an article with everything you need to know about using Google Fonts in InDesign.

New poll: What was the first page layout program you used?

Now it’s time to vote in our new poll (on the right side of the window), which asks you to search your memory banks and recall the first time you sat in front of a computer and worked on a page layout. Can you recall that moment? Good! Now let us know what program you were using.

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7 Comments on “Poll Results: How Often Do You Use Free Fonts?

  1. I use free fonts often but a very select few. Because I work on French documents and many of the free ones do not include accents (French or otherwise) they end up being unusable for me.

  2. Free fonts – about twice a year. First page layout program – PageMaker. I don’t remember the version but it was in 1993 or 1994-ish in design school.

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