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PR: Teacup releases plug-ins for InDesign CC 2017

Teacup’s plug-ins are now available for InDesign CC 2017! BarcodeMaker, DataLinker, PatternMaker and PatternPack were all released on November 21st for the new version of InDesign. This is a free upgrade for all Teacup CC subscribers. Users can download the plug-ins for free from Teacup’s website. After downloading, quit InDesign, run the installer, and restart InDesign. Activation should not be necessary, but in some cases, users may need to activate again in CC 2017.

CC subscriptions are available for purchase from Teacup’s website here.

Teacup Software Products

New features in DataLinker, Teacup’s database publishing plug-in

DataLinker has some great new features Teacup has added in recently:

  • No more master page templates! You can now set up your template text frames on document pages without depending on master pages.
  • Merge across spreads. DataLinker can now merge over as many spreads as you’d like. Previously, DataLinker could only merge with a single spread.
  • Split up merge into multiple documents. Previously, DataLinker could only merge in a single document, which limited how large the merge can be. Now you can tell DataLinker to create a new document every so many records, and DataLinker will automatically combine all the documents into an InDesign book at the end. Which means there’s no limit on how large a merge you can do.

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Preferences for BarcodeMaker and PatternMaker

BarcodeMaker and PatternMaker now lets you choose whether to save embed your patterns and barcodes into the document, or save them as links to disk. If you open up InDesign preferences, there’s now a panel for “PatternMaker” which lets you choose whether to embed the patterns or save them to disk.

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