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Beyond Print: From InDesign to Tablet Slides and Session

Adobe asked me to speak at the Adobe MAX conference a couple of weeks ago on the topic of Beyond Print: Digital Content from InDesign (PDF, EPUB, DPS, and HTML). The session was an overview of the industry, in order to give people a sense for what file formats and workflows you might or might not want to use when creating content in InDesign for viewing on a desktop or tablet screen.

Max Talk

In some ways I was lucky that PEPCON was the week before MAX, because I was able to glean information from awesome presenters such as James Fritz, Keith Gilbert, Diane Burns, Colin Fleming, Bart Van de Wiele, and others. My job, I decided, was to gather all the pros and cons of each format (PDF, EPUB, DPS, etc.), distill them, and present them to the audience in Los Angeles.

I admit that the result is not always inspiring. I know that many people wanted “The Answer” — the solution that gives them all the features they want in one place. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Each format, each solution, has good points and bad points, which usually come down to ease-of-use, distribution issues, and cost.

As it turns out, the one-hour session at MAX was recorded (I didn’t know they were going to do that!) and is available online here at AdobeTV. It’s not a video of me, but rather of my slides, with my voice speaking over it.

If you find the information useful, you can also download a PDF of my slide deck here.

You can also find even more MAX 2013 sessions listed here.

David Blatner

David Blatner

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11 Comments on “Beyond Print: From InDesign to Tablet Slides and Session

  1. This is a nice breakdown of options for digital publishing. I also like that you gave an honest review of Adobe products at an Adobe event.

    Our department uses Issuu to publish our alumni magazine digitally. Though I’m not sure if it is the service or whomever uploads the final PDF but I find that it is un-clickable and not user friendly.

  2. Hi,

    I’ve tried to view your presentation on Adobe TV: no more button to play any videos: NADA! Does this mean that I have to be in the “Clouds” in order to see my favorites shows?



    • Not sure what the problem might be. The videos play fine for me there, both on my desktop and iPad. No need to be part of the cloud or logged in, I think.

  3. Same problem. Cant view this. MAC Mt Lion, with chrome, safari, ff, none work. downloaded latest flash player and shockwave. Support says they dont support adobe tv. As always, adobe comes through.

  4. Excellent exposition and options breakdown, I look forward to know about the directions it may take. Wish html/web apps take off soon.

  5. Bit late, I know, but thank you David for pointing to your session at MAX which I thoroughly enjoyed. Can I join the PDF fan club please? :) And if ever Adobe designs Acrobat Reader with all the suggestions/wishes you made at the end, then I’ll go for CC rather than sticking at CS6.

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