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Publish Online Spotlight: American Craft Council Emerging Voices Awards Catalog

Editor’s Note: Publish Online offers InDesign users the simplest way to put their InDesign layouts on the web with full support for interactivity, while keeping their page designs intact. In the past, we’ve covered Publish Online with magazine articles like Diane Burns’ feature in issue #81, and a series of blog posts highlighting impressive work, called Publish Online Project of the Month. Now, we’re starting a new series of articles by Diane showcasing great projects, called Publish Online Spotlight.

Emerging Voices Awards Catalog

For over 75 years, the American Craft Council (ACC) has championed hand-made craft in America. The organization provides conferences, public lectures, and student programs, along with their award-winning website and magazine, American Craft. Since 1950, they have honored innovation in the next generation of thinkers and makers in contemporary craft with their biennial Emerging Voices Awards. In addition to the recognition and prestige, recipients are awarded a grant toward their work and research.

For their 2017 Emerging Voices Awards catalog, ACC turned to Minneapolis-based designer Brian Donahue of bedesign, inc. Brian designed the print edition of the catalog, but ACC was also interested in a digital version. As an old hand at creating interactive InDesign documents using Adobe Experience Manager (formerly DPS), Brian knew that Publish Online could be the perfect solution. ACC was all on board with the idea, and once the print design was completed, Brian began work on the Publish Online version.

American Craft Council Emerging Voices Awards 2017

The cover of the catalog simulates the die-cut print version, by providing a click-through on the letter “C” to the art underneath.

The print version, designed in a 10″ x 10″ format, was adapted in several ways for Publish Online. The document size was changed to 1024 × 768 pixels to better accommodate screen proportions. Type was made larger to make it easier to read on screen; body text, for example was changed from 10 pts to 20 pts throughout. Setting all the text on paragraph styles made the process easier to implement.

There was also more content than could be included in the print version. Not only were there additional images, but ACC had videos they wanted to use as well. Publish Online allowed the videos to be included, and Brian was able to maintain a similar page count by layering images and text then using buttons and MSOs to hide and reveal text that would have otherwise flowed to an additional page. The cover, which on the print version has a die cut letter “C” showing the artwork underneath, uses an MSO to simulate the effect in the Publish Online version.

There are plenty of other “Easter Eggs” in the document, too, including hidden buttons with no indicators. For example, if you click on the eyes of the featured artists, you are taken inside the head of that artist to see their concept of their artwork.

A navigation menu is available on all pages. Clicking on the “hamburger” menu displays an interactive table of contents. You can click on the section you want to navigate to, or simply click on the adjacent page area to close the menu.

Publish Online allowed Brian to extend the design of the print piece with additional content, and create a rich and engaging online experience.

Each page contains a navigation “hamburger” menu that displays a table of contents.

For ACC, the digital version of the catalog, embedded on their web site, has been a great success. Not only can they promote the awards program more widely, but Publish Online analytics help them track viewers in a way they just can’t do with the print version.

Publish Online provides a perfect publishing solution for groups and organizations around the world. To see other examples of how Publish Online is being used, check out this collection of Publish Online projects.

If you’d like to help Adobe improve Publish Online, please visit the Publish Online User Voice page, where you can vote on features you’d like to see, or add new ones. Your vote counts, and Adobe uses this data to determine interest in new features for InDesign.

If you have a Publish Online article you’d like to share with us, please let us know in the comments or use the hashtag #IDPubOn so we can find your work on Twitter.

About the designer: Brian Donahue is the founder and principal art director of Minneapolis-based bedesign, collaborating with a deep bench of regional editors, copywriters and creatives to accommodate clients of every size, and projects in both print and digital. An old school magazine art director with more than 20 years of experience, Donahue is also an early adopter of Adobe’s Digital Publishing Solution, now AEM, launching iPad apps and interactive ebooks for a variety of regional and national media clients, cultural institutions, and corporations including Minneapolis Institute of Art, FedEx, Macalester College, Minneapolis Parks Foundation, Minnesota Historical Society, and The Center for Irish Music. Digital demos can be found at

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Diane Burns

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