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Publish Online Spotlight: Education Reform Initiative (ERG)

Editor’s Note: Publish Online offers InDesign users the simplest way to put their InDesign layouts on the web with full support for interactivity, while keeping their page designs intact. In the past, we’ve covered Publish Online with magazine articles like Diane Burns’ feature in issue #81, and a series of blog posts highlighting impressive work, called Publish Online Project of the Month. Now, we’re starting a new series of articles by Diane showcasing great projects, called Publish Online Spotlight.

How Publish Online is being used to help refugee children

There are almost three million Syrian refugees in Turkey. It remains one of the most heart-wrenching humanitarian crises in the Middle East. Local organizations like Egitim Reformu Girisimi (Education Reform Initiative, or ERG) are affecting real change by helping to improve primary education for refugee children. Using InDesign Publish Online, ERG has helped mobilize the international community around their work.

Among other activities, ERG provides research and policy recommendations to the Turkish government. The organization produces various reports on different aspects of Turkey’s educational challenge, and last year they published “Community Building Through Inclusive Education,” a study specifically directed at issues relating to Syrian refugees in Turkey. The report, published in Turkish and English, outlines the scope and complexity of the challenge that refugees and their host communities face, and delineates the steps in education that should be taken to ensure that refugee children become long term contributing members of Turkish society.

Education Reform Initiative (ERG) report: Community Building Through Inclusive Education

ERG’s report was published using Publish Online.

Publish Online offered the perfect solution for ERG and their Instanbul-based design firm, Myra, by providing a low-cost way to publish digital content that can easily be accessed worldwide. For ERG’s report, Myra worked hand-in-hand with ERG’s content developers from the very beginning of the project. This allowed them to use InDesign to create an exquisitely designed document that presented the report contents clearly, with interactive elements that both enhance the reading experience and create compelling visuals.

Complex data was presented using compelling graphics and interactive features.

Publish Online also gave ERG and Myra the opportunity to expand the audience for the interactive report by offering digital access beyond that available from using a PDF only. The link for the Publish Online report was promoted in ERG e-bulletins, email blasts, social media, and, of course, on ERG’s web site. Readers worldwide have single-click access to the report from their mobile or desktop browser. ERG estimates it more than doubled the number of readers for the report.

In weighing the decision to use Publish Online, ERG’s Head of Communications, Özge Karakaya, sums it up: “We decided to use Publish Online because it is easy for our readers to reach, it’s interactive, and very user-friendly. It helped us present our data visually and in a more holistic and interesting way, supplemented by infographics, animations, photos and videos. Moreover, it enabled us to track the interest in our publications and analyze our Impact.”

Publish Online provides a perfect publishing solution for groups and organizations around the world. To see other examples of how Publish Online is being used, check out this gallery of Publish Online projects.

If you’d like to help Adobe improve Publish Online, please visit the Publish Online User Voice page, where you can vote on features you’d like to see, or add new ones. Your vote counts, and Adobe uses this data to determine interest in new features for InDesign.

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Diane Burns

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