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Replace InDesign CS3’s Welcome Screen Offline Logo

Okay, this falls into the category of “nearly-useless-but-fun InDesign trick” but I’m going to file it under Troubleshooting because… well… I’ll try to think of a reason soon. Here’s the deal: When you launch InDesign CS3, you typically get a Welcome screen. Some folks disable this by clicking the Don’t Show Again checkbox, but I don’t — I think it’s helpful.

Well, the area in the lower-right corner of the Welcome Screen is “live.” That is, it’s actually a little window for Flash (SWF) content that can change from time to time. When you launch InDesign, the app looks across the internet to see if there’s anything new it should display (such as a tip or InDesign news). If you have a Webcam attached, it also takes a quick snapshot of what you’re doing and sends it to the authorities. No! Just kidding! It doesn’t send any personal information to Adobe or anything like that, so don’t freak out about it.

However, if InDesign can’t find an Internet connection, it defaults to a little image that lives inside your Apps > InDesign > Presets > Startpage folder.


The program looks at the config.xml file for instructions on how to build that little segment of the dialog box… and you can edit that file in any text editor! I edited mine to say that this was InDesignSecrets and insert my Blatner Books logo (I just duplicated the id_appicon_xl.png file and edited the copy in Photoshop).


Okay, so why is this Troubleshooting and not 100% useless? Well… hm… it’s a way to tell whether you have a live Internet connection or not without ever leaving InDesign!

David Blatner

David Blatner

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2 Comments on “Replace InDesign CS3’s Welcome Screen Offline Logo

  1. Very clever! Now, how would I know what to edit in the xml file once it’s open in the text editor? Should I be looking for something specific?

    Given the info you provided, I presume I should be looking for a swf file.

  2. If you create a new image, you need to change the name of the image in the <iconappxl> element. To change the text, change the text inbetween the <nointernethead> and the <nointernetmain> tags.

    By the way, as with all sorts of backdoor hacks, I do not guarantee that you won’t destroy your system, will save your marriage, or any other claim. Use at your own risk, and so on. ;)

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