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The best way to learn InDesign (or any program) is to play with it for days and weeks and months… But most people don’t have time to play—they need to get their work done today. Here’s a list of some of the best available resources to turn to when you need an answer quickly.


real world indesign

Real World InDesign CC

By Olav Martin Kvern, David Blatner, and Bob Bringhurst
You’ll find everything you need here to successfully master InDesign’s advanced page-layout tools; manage color; build XML templates; and run your own custom InDesign scripts. You’ll also find complete coverage of all of InDesign’s new features. This is The Book on InDesign. If you are still using older versions of InDesign, here are links for


eBooks from InDesignSecrets

Check out our collection of great InDesignSecrets eBooks (in PDF format), including The InDesignSecrets Guide to Graphic Effects, InDesignSecrets Top 40 Tips, The InDesignSecrets Guide to the New Features in InDesign CS5, and The InDesignSecrets Guide to the InDesign CS5 ACE Exam

Visual Quickstart Guide

InDesign Visual QuickStart Guide

by Sandee Cohen
Need a good book to get up to speed quickly in InDesign? Sandee Cohen’s InDesign Visual QuickStart Guide is the way to go. Think of it this way: You’re definitely going to want the Visual QuickStart Guide for the first two months you use InDesign.

InDesign Styles

Adobe InDesign Styles: How to Create Better, Faster Text and Layouts

by Michael “the indesigner” Murphy
Ignore the “CS4” in the title — this book is relevant for any InDesign version. If you want to get more efficient with InDesign, you need to use styles, and this book shows you how!


Writing In InDesign CC Producing Books

by David Bergsland
Want to do everything in InDesign, including write your book?! This ebook from longtime author and book designer/producer David Bergsland covers a lot of ground. David explains the focus of the book as “for people who are designing books and booklets, non-fiction in specific–beginning with very limited capital and few personnel resources.”

XML and InDesign

Designer’s Guide to Adobe InDesign and XML

by Jim Maivald and Cathy Palmer
If you want to get up to speed with XML and InDesign, you are really, really going to need some training, and this is one of the best resources around. Note that Jim also recorded this as a video title at

Javascript and XML

InDesign CS5 Automation Using XML & JavaScript

by Grant Gamble
Want to go deep into InDesign, XML, and Javascript? This self-published book is a terrific tome that will help you get up and running, and then take you far!


Adobe InDesign CS/CS2 Breakthroughs

By David Blatner and Anne-Marie Concepción (2005, Blatner Books in association with Peachpit Press)
Page-layout guru David Blatner and veteran trainer Anne-Marie “HerGeekness” Concepción have scoured the online forums, interviewed Adobe engineers, and gathered together answers to over 200 of the most-commonly asked questions. Written in a sassy, fun-to-read style, this book tackles every major InDesign problem with a lay-it-on-the-line solution. Adobe InDesign CS/CS2 Breakthroughs is for anyone who has been using InDesign long enough to realize that the solution to their problems isn’t always as obvious as one would expect!

InDesign Type: Professional Typography with Adobe InDesign (4th Edition)

by Nigel French
You want better-looking type, right? Everyone who likes type and typography and wants to make their text look great should check out this book. Nigel also has several great titles in the library.

XML in InDesign

XML Publishing with Adobe InDesign

by Dorothy Hoskins (Kindle Edition only)
Here’s another great book about using XML with InDesign by someone who knows XML inside and out. This is currently a kindle-only edition from O’Reilly books (but you can read it using the Kindle software on your desktop web browser or iPad).

InDesign for QuarkXPress and PageMaker Users

Moving to InDesign: Use What You Know About QuarkXPress and PageMaker to Get Up to Speed in InDesign Fast!

by David Blatner, Steve Werner, and Christopher Smith
Okay, so this book is a bit old, but if you’re still using PageMaker or QuarkXPress 4 or 5, then you’re probably a bit outdated, too. This book will help you make the transition from those programs to InDesign! (The first edition of this book was called “InDesign for QuarkXPress Users.”)


EPUB Straight to the Point: Creating ebooks for the Apple iPad and other ereaders

by Liz Castro
If you want to learn how to make EPUB files, you almost certainly want to get a copy of this book! Chock full of tidbits about EPUB and InDesign, Liz makes it easy!

Videos Online Training Library

Several of us here at InDesignSecrets have recorded video titles at, including David Blatner, Anne-Marie Concepcion, Mike Rankin, and Keith Gilbert. Sign up for a free one-week trial at with this link:
If you like it, a monthly or yearly subscription is an inexpensive to keep up with your skills and watch over 80,000 movies! It’s an all-you-can-watch extravaganza!

Videos We Recommend

Looking to learn InDesign at, but don’t know where to start? Check out one of these highly-recommended titles:

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