About InDesign

About InDesign

Q: What is InDesign, and what’s a page layout program?

A: InDesign is a rich and sometimes mysterious program — Adobe calls it a “page layout application” but it’s important to remember that no one said what kind of page! Some people use it for print pages, others use it for onscreen, interactive pages.

The one type of page it is not particularly suitable for is a web page, because while InDesign can export HTML, it cannot export “HTML page geometry” — that is, where the text and graphics should be on the web page. (That might be useful if you need to give your InDesign text and graphics to someone else to build a web page for you, but it’s not useful to put directly on the web.)

Q: Something is really wrong with InDesign (blank panel, acting strangely, crashing, etc.)

A: InDesign is an extremely complex piece of software, and it’s not always obvious to figure out what might be going wrong. Here are some links to help you out:

Q: I have a question about InDesign. What is the best way to find an answer?

A: First, try using the Search feature in the upper-right corner of this page; there are over 2,000 InDesign tips and techniques on this site, many of which are in direct response to people’s questions over the years. If you don’t find a solution there, try one of these options:

Q:Where can I find InDesign templates?

A: There are many InDesign template files available on the web and we have dozens of InDesign templates here on our site that you can download for free.

Q: Where can I find scripts for InDesign and how can I install them?

A: There are hundreds of free and commercial scripts and plug-ins that let you add features and abilities to InDesign. We have several articles that describe what to do with them: