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Select text all the way to the end

P.M. wrote:

Is there any way I can delete the text from a specific point of my text frame to the end of the text (including the text in linked text frames)?

Yes, indeedy! A close inspection of the InDesign Keyboard Shortcuts Chart tells me that Command/Ctrl-End moves the cursor to the end of the story, even the end is a hundred pages of linked text away. Just add the Shift key to get Command-Shift-End (or Ctrl-Shift-End) and you’ve just selected from any point in the text to the end of the story. Then you can cut it, delete it, or whatever you feel like doing with it at that moment.

Here’s one more technique: Use the Story Editor. Place the text cursor in the text frame and press Command/Ctrl-Y. That opens the story editor window and places the cursor in exactly the same location in the story. The Story Editor lets you see and edit the entire story, no matter how long it is, and even if it’s overset (won’t fit in the available number of frames).

David Blatner

David Blatner

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13 Comments on “Select text all the way to the end

  1. @Janet: In the good ol’ days, every keyboard had an “End” key, but today many laptops and other minimized keyboards lack it. You can typically still get to it with a function (Fn) key, though. For example, on my MacBook Pro, I can select from here to the end of the story by pressing Command-Shift-Fn-Right Arrow.

  2. Some other keyboards use the “pg up” and “pg dn” meaning page up and page down to select the previous text until starting point and posterior text respectively in function of the cursor’s position.

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  4. Go to Edit>Keyboard Shortcuts. For Product Area, select “Text and Tables”. Scroll down to “Select to end of story.” This shows default or current keyboard shortcut. Revise the shortcut if you like. I use cmd+E as easy to reach and easy to remember.

  5. I know this isn’t an Illustrator tip, but wondering if there’s an equivalent option in Illustrator to do this? Command+Shift+End doesn’t work, but would you happen to know if there is another way?

    • Command+Shift+Down Arrow works for me. And Command+Shift+Up Arrow selects to the beginning of the text. Works for both point and area type, and threaded text.

      • Thanks for the reply. That only selects one paragraph at a time for me in Illustrator CC 2018 for Mac. Was hoping to select all text from the cursor to end to be sure to get all overset text.

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