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A Solution for Packaging Files With Missing Plug-ins

Recently, I worked on a project where I had to package over 100 InDesign files from different vendors. Unfortunately, when I opened the first file, I got a missing plug-in error. Since InDesign won’t create a package of a file with missing plug-ins, I had to fix this problem right away. And getting the plug-in was not an option. I was able to export file to IDML and successfully create the package. But to my surprise, all the files were having the same issue, and it would have been a nightmare to export IDMLs and then create a package for each one.

InDesign's Missing Plug-in alert dialog

Plus, after creating a new document from the first IDML file, I noticed that some of the page content had changed from the original. This would also have to be fixed since all the files had been approved by the clients. I knew it was just too risky for me to manually fix the files since I might miss something or introduce new errors. I needed a better solution.

Fortunately, I found one. It is a small utility called InExUtils created by Manan Joshi at GitHub and you can download it here. Currently the InExUtils plug-in is available for CC2017 for both macOS and Windows.

How to Use InExUtils

Once the plug-in is installed, open your InDesign file (or files). You will see a new menu called INEXUtils. Just click Ignore missing plugins (All docs), and you’re all set.

INEXUtils menu

The best thing about InExUtils is that it works on all the open documents, which can be a great time saver. Finally, save your InDesign files again and the annoying missing plug-in message will not reappear the next time you open the file. The plug-in also solves the problem of having to do a Save As when you need to save a file opened with missing plug-ins.

With the help in InExUtils, I was able to package my files easily without having to export to IDML, or worry about the content changing. Thanks Manan and GitHub for sharing this helpful plug-in for free!

Masood Ahmad

Masood Ahmad

Masood Ahmad has been working on InDesign since v2.0 and mostly with the Middle East version. He started his career as a Linguistic Operator in 1996 and presently working as an Associate Service Delivery Manager at Express KCS, India. Client communication, understanding requirements, distribution of jobs and monitoring of service delivery are part of his daily schedule. He assists his team in their works and also tries to educate them the best possible and efficient way. He is more interested in giving trainings within and outside the company. With his trouble-shooting skills, he tries to deal with all sorts of work. Visit to see his articles or email him at
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3 Comments on “A Solution for Packaging Files With Missing Plug-ins

  1. From the website:
    “Currently the plugin is available for CC2017 for MAC and WIN, other version would be released soon based on the feedback”.
    So… that is a no go in the current CC 2018…

    • That’s true. I think we can request the creator to release other versions as well. However, I found this utility very useful and will definitely thank to the creator for his valuable support.

  2. It’s a great tool, but with the automatic updates of CC, a lot of people are already under cc 2018 (including myself).
    Just try to install it on 2018, and it’s not working.

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