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Stray Points Got You Down? Here’s a Script To Fix It.

Every now and again I’ll attempt to scale something in InDesign and get the following error:

Descriptive enough, but is it really giving you enough information?

Most of the time I’ve found it happening after pasting an object in from Illustrator but it’s just as likely to occur when scaling any native object drawn in InDesign.

That error can really lead you on a wild goose chase because the real problem here has nothing to do with the stroke weight. As pointed out by Dave Saunders in the User to User forums the cause is usually a stray single path point in the selection. These can wind up on your page by clicking once with the pen tool or deleting objects using the direct selection tool and leaving a single point behind. Why they cause this error, I don’t know. But does anyone want to guess what Dave did?

That’s right…he wrote a script to find and delete them. He was kind enough to post it in the User to User forums and we’ve made it available here as well. You can download it by clicking here.

Bob Levine

Bob Levine

Bob Levine is a graphic designer and a consultant focused on providing InDesign training and guidance in developing efficient, collaborative workflows to those moving from QuarkXPress or PageMaker. An Adobe Certified Expert in both InDesign and InCopy, Bob has written articles for InDesign Magazine and is an Adobe User to User forums host. He has more than 15 years of industry experience and has been using InDesign since version 1.0. For more background, visit his website, or his blog,
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2 Comments on “Stray Points Got You Down? Here’s a Script To Fix It.

  1. Great post! What I’ve been doing until this script is Ctrl+A to select everything and then shift+clicking all visible items and pressing delete to get rid of whatever unwanted stuff is around.

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