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This Week in InDesign Articles, Number 47

Okay, I admit that the title “this week in articles” is a misnomer… or perhaps it’s more that I have a very flexible idea of what a “week” is. But whatever the case, it’s fun to share all kinds of fun InDesign-related articles with y’all, in hopes that it keeps us all up to date with the newest, coolest, and most fun aspects of our work.

Here are some great links you should know about:

Enjoy! And, as we’re on #47… Go Pomona Sagehens! Rah rah!

David Blatner

David Blatner

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10 Comments on “This Week in InDesign Articles, Number 47

  1. Fritz: Interesting! Perhaps you are right. It seemed significantly different than other woodwing mags, but now that I look more closely, it may just be a customization deal. Will inquire.

  2. Fritz: Good eye! I just received confirmation that it IS woodwing. But it’s still pretty awesome. Here’s one that is not DPS or Woodwing: The new Marie Claire magazine from Zinio. Fascinating! They seem to have broken out of their Zinio app, and into their own Marie Claire magazine app. Great video on front cover of the Emma Watson issue. Neat.

  3. It is really impressive how far you can push the woodwing system. Hopefully the Adobe solution will allow this level of customization in the future. I will have to check out the Marie Clarie app. Do you know what they used to create it?

  4. I can?t say for sure, but it seems like in-tools? Power Headers might be easier.

    Yes. Definitely.

    One GREP processor would do it with no trouble at all. It’s always fascinating to see the work-arounds people come up with to do things with built-in functionality though… ;)

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