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This Week in InDesign Articles, Number 51

Need a tip? Gotta’ find a technique? InDesignSecrets has over 1500 blog posts on it, but there’s still more waiting to be read out there in the big InterTube:

Interactive and EPUB

  • Read a great overview of InDesign CS5’s interactive features from Claudia McCue (first published in InDesign Magazine).
  • I have to say I was stunned to read this press release from Amazon. They’re now selling more Kindle books than paperback books. No, they are not including free ebooks in that measurement!
  • I met with folks from PixelMags last week at Macworld and they’re doing some interesting stuff. I’m particularly curious about their upcoming iNewsStand app, which is discussed here in this Forbes article.
  • Sal Saghoian’s excellent Padilicious site, filled with all kinds of good iPad-related scripts and information. Includes a Mac OS automator script to turn any bunch of text (from any program) into an epub. Remember: “P-A – D-I – L-I – C-I – O-U-S – DOT-COM!”
  • Bob Bringhurst has written up a very good guide called Design Decisions for Digital Publishing Apps (mostly for people wanting to use Adobe’s DPS).
  • For those watching the iPad space, The Daily ipad app has shipped. It’s free for 2 weeks and then 99 cents/week or $39/year after that! Hm. Of course, it was build from the ground up as an app, so I don’t think InDesign is involved at all. I have a query in to them about it. If you don’t have an ipad, you can read it (unofficially) here.
  • Here’s another guy trying to help you get apps onto the iPad. However, this solution is all HTML5. No InDesign involved, really.
  • I enjoyed reading through this “mind meld” of what the future of publishing will be.


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David Blatner

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