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This Week in InDesign Articles, Number 68

I’m constantly amazed at the richness of the InDesign community — people helping people, videos, articles, and scripts being created and distributed… it’s an awesome thing, and it helps us all get our work done faster and better!

  • Rufus Deuchler has a great little video at Five Cool Tips and Tricks
  • Sometimes menus are overwhelming and it’s hard to see the item you’re looking for. Try this trick and color the menu item for the next time you need it!
  • Every InDesign user should know the words “creep” and “imposition.” Here’s a quick and easy write-up about it! (Hint: it has to do with making booklets and fold-ins.)
  • If you haven’t seen Big Picture from Badia Software, you ought to check it out. Now they have a free Lite version from the Apple App Store!
  • Russell Viers is standing on his soapbox again in this great rant about why newspapers (especially small community papers) need to get their head out of the sand and think about electronic versions. Don’t forget to read the comments. Go Russell!
  • Mike Rankin continues to pump out great tips on how to make cool effects in InDesign on his blog/title! Here’s one on bevel/emboss.
  • I don’t know Gavin, but he keeps writing these “basic InDesign” tutorials for those folks over at vector tuts. Here’s one on text threading.
  • Hey, here’s a neat Color Theory Quick Reference Poster for your enjoyment!
  • I don’t really understand the difference between a Gerrit and a Noordzij, but this script panel is an interesting way to set type size.
  • This script looks pretty cool… it offers a way to highlight all the quotations in your document with a character style… but the blog post is all in French!



David Blatner

David Blatner

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One Comment on “This Week in InDesign Articles, Number 68

  1. Thanks, David, for mentioning my quotations highlighter. Indeed the script and the article have been (roughly) written for French audience?sorry about that!?because I wanted to focus on some technical aspects which are note necessary relevant to English typographers. Anyway I plan to ?localize? the tool in order to make it useful in other languages.

    Meanwhile I suggest English users to replace the line:

    GREP_STYLE_RULE = "(?#ShowHideQuotes)\u00AB[^\u00BB]+\u00BB"


    GREP_STYLE_RULE = "(?#ShowHideQuotes)\u201C[^\u201D]+\u201D"

    and to set DISPLAY_RESULT_MESSAGE to false (to inhibit French messages).


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