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Tip of the Week: Controlling the Glyphs Panel Display

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Here’s a tip for anyone whose eyes are bedeviled by trying to distinguish small type.

When you’re using the Glyphs panel (Type > Glyphs), you can control the size of the display with the two buttons in the bottom right corner of the panel. They are both adorned with mountain icons.


Clicking the one on the left will make the panel’s display of glyphs smaller. Clicking the one on the right will enlarge the display. There are six magnification levels, ranging from minute to mammoth.



Note that the size of recently used glyphs at the top of the panel does not change. But if you resize the panel to make it wider, you can see more of your recently used glyphs, up to a maximum of 35.


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Mike Rankin

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One Comment on “Tip of the Week: Controlling the Glyphs Panel Display

  1. One thing that always annoyed me about this feature for enlarging the glyph sizes, those up and down size buttons are missing from the Add Bullet windows.

    Very annoying.

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