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Top InDesign Developers Converge on Print and ePublishing Conference

Renowned InDesign developers from around the world will be coming to the 2011 Print and ePublishing Conference in Washington DC, May 23-24. Not only will they be able to answer questions, but they’re gathering feedback from conference attendees.

  • Adobe Systems: USAChris Kitchener, Kiyo Toma, and Douglas Waterfall, lead product managers and architects on the InDesign team. Several other Adobe folks will also be on hand, including Jerry Silverman and Annemarie Belliard. They will be leading a special lunchtime “Talk Back to Adobe” discussion; all attendees are invited.
  • USAEm Software: Chris Ryland-and-crew’s plug-ins (and XTensions, back in the good ol’ days) — including InData, xTags, and InCatalog — have become a staple of many workflows since the early 90’s.
  • JapanRecosoft: Have you ever needed to import a PDF into InDesign as editable objects? Or export an InDesign document as a Word or PowerPoint document? Paul Chadha is traveling from his offices in Osaka, Japan, to demonstrate their world-class PDF and Office solutions.
  • New ZealandRorohiko: Kris Coppieters’s plug-ins are among the most well-known in the InDesign galaxy — including Soxy, Color2Gray, SudokuGenerator, Text Exporter, and many more. He’s traveling from New Zealand to attend the event!
  • IsraelIn-Tools: Harbs is a frequent contributor to the InDesign community with his custom scripts and brilliant plug-ins, such as World Tools, Power Headers, and Auto Flow Pro. He is flying in from his home in Israel.
  • USAVirginia Systems: The folks at Virginia Systems have been making add-ons, such as their index and table of contents generation plug-ins, for almost two decades. As you can tell from their name, they’re coming from “just down the street.”
  • BelgiumRovingBird: The makers of the new and exciting ePublisher tool for creating iPad applications from InDesign will be on hand to show their cool stuff! RovingBird’s team is located in Belgium.
  • CanadaiStockPhoto: Lesa Snider will be representing this excellent purveyor of fine stock art, and every attendee gets some free files, too! iStock is based in Calgary, but Lesa is coming from Colorado.
  • CzechDTP Tools: We’re still waiting to hear whether these amazing plug-in developers from Prague can make it, but we know for sure their products will be on hand, including Blatner Tools, Layer Comps, Cross References PRO, and their new Active Tables (live updating spreadsheets in InDesign tables!)
  • PortugalAutomatication: Martinho da Gloria (creator of LayoutZone, MultiFindChange, and other great scripts) is planning on attending. This triathlete is normally in either New Zealand or Lisbon, Portugal.
  • SerbiaTomaxxi: Thanks to the kind support of many friends and colleagues, Marijan Tompa — the creator of numerous free scripts — will be traveling to the United States for the first time from his home in Serbia.
  • Teacup Software: USAThe makers of fine plug-ins such as TypeFitter Pro will be coming down from New York City for at least one day to answer questions and meet customers. They have also agreed to give away a copy of PatternMaker to every attendee ($99 value!)!

If you’re anywhere within 12,000 miles or 20,000 km of Washington DC, we hope to see you at the conference, too! It will be an excellent opportunity to work directly with some of the top minds in publishing!

(If you’re a developer coming to PEPCON and I missed you, comment below and I’ll add your flag!)

David Blatner

David Blatner

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7 Comments on “Top InDesign Developers Converge on Print and ePublishing Conference

  1. Great list!

    I remember at the last PEPCON we also had attendee’s from all over the world too. I wonder how many different countries will be represented at the conference. The UN has nothing on PEPCON:)

  2. I knew that Chris and Kiyo were planning the trip, but I didn’t know Douglas will be there. Looking forward to chatting with him again! :-) (As well the rest of the team who will be there!)

    It’s going to be a great conference!

  3. I’m a college students from China,thank you very much for sharing so much indesign secrets!

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