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    Pat Malone


    I have a numbered list (1-72) that needs to have a checkbox in front of each number. I have a paragraph style already set up to handle the checkbox lists found in other parts of the doc, but this one list needs to have numbers after each checkbox. I see where you can add a bullet character to a numbered list in the paragraph styles, but doesn’t really give me access to change that bullet character to the checkbox character I have set up – or at least I can’t figure out how to do it. I can always manually add the numbers after each but hoping there’s a better way.

    Thanks for any help!

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    David Blatner

    I think I would probably use automatic paragraph numbering on the paragraphs, and then use Type > Bullets & Numbering > Convert Numbered List to Text. Then apply a bullet character that looks like a checkbox.

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    Just another idea: If the column widht doesn’t change: Use two paragraph rules with indentation. Rule above with a color. Rule below in white. The difference between rule below and above determines the thickness of the checkbox.


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    Kelly Vaughn

    1. First make a numbered list
    2. Then make a bulleted list (checkbox) paragraph style).
    3. Then make a TOC that includes the numbered list paragraph style, have the Entry style be your checkbox paragraph style, and choose “Include Full Paragraph.”

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    Pat Malone

    Thanks so much for all the great ideas! All could work but I went the TOC route since I can use the same checkbox I’m using through out, and I know this list will be edited – Murphy’s Law… I couldn’t figure out a solution and you guys gave me 3, awesome! They are now stored in my toolbox.

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    David Blatner
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    I have a similar question. How can I have a numbered list and automatically have the circles under the number like the link below? I tried strikethrough in the character style but it did not work.
    Any ideas?
    Thank you.

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    thank you for the fast reply. I tried this and it doesn’t work for double digit numbers. Can you point in the direction to do it the hassle way?

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    If it’s any help, circled double-digit numbers up to 50 are available in many of the Japanese fonts, e.g. Kozuka Gothic Pro (which came with InDesign CS6 and earlier). Also in the Code2000 font.

    Edit: here’s fifty (if the forum allows it)
    looks OK in my text entry box
    Edit 2: but not on the forum. Oh well.

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    Eliezer, this isn’t so complicated:

    1. Create a new dotted stroke style, e.g. pattern length: 500 mm, corners: 0
    2. Create a new paragraph style with a numbered list (alingment center, use a left indent and a tab)
    3. Use a paragraph rule below, type your new stroke style (one dotted point) and adjust your settings

    You can find here a snippet:


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    perfect! Thank you.

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