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    I’m trying to learn Anchored Objects, but there’s something I am not getting. I just want to anchor a photo in a text frame, but the text wrap is not working how I want it to. Link goes to screen shot of: 1. How I would set it up, not anchored and 2. What happens when I place photo (insert before Moose) as Anchored Object (the word Moose goes behind the image. The text flow needs to be like 1, starting at the top of the photo.

    Tried everything I could think of to get around this, but no luck.


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    David Blatner

    Well, it’s important to remember that the text wrap of anchored objects never affect the line they’re anchored in.

    Wrapping Text Around an Anchored Object

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    I’ve read that post before and honestly, it creates more problems than it solves. Maybe another day for ye olde anchored objects. Thanks for trying.

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    Colleen, in Anchored Object Options set position to ‘Inline or Above Line’ and adjust the Y offset to a negative number until the top of the photo sits where you want it. Set the wrap to the bottom and right edges only. The negative offset will be the sum of the height of the photo’s frame plus the bottom wrap plus some amount to allow for the leading you have set on the type.

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    Thanks Lindsey, I’ll play some more when it’s not a rush job. Ha.

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