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    Guys, good morning.
    I have the following situation, several concatenated text boxes, each containing numbered list, formatted with paragraph style. There are five words in a row that must be bold, two of which are italicized. On some pages, it was agreed that two words corresponded to the first line of the numbered list: Example, Line 1 = word 01 (bold italic), word 02 (bold italic), word 03 (bold), word 04 05 (bold); Line 2 = word 04 (bold) and word 05 (bold), and the words 04 and 05 of the second line should not be in bold.
    How to solve this problem with Grep Style and / or nested style in indesign?


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    Not clear! Thanks to give some real samples!

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    Justin Sligh

    Give us some example bullets with text and then describe how you would like them styled. Im sure a styling solution exists.

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    Graham Park

    Are the First Line and Second line the same level in a numbered list?

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