How to create an infinite loop, using two buttons to animate one object

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    Jake Wilson


    Here’s a link to show an example of what I’m trying to accomplish:

    In order to apply multiple animations to one object, I’ve been using this trick: I create the first animation, then create an empty rectangle, group the rectangle with the object I’ve animated, then apply the second animation to that group. This works great, even with buttons triggering the animation. However, I want to use two buttons to “reset” the animation (creating an infinite loop of the two animations). After messing around for hours, trying different grouping patterns, I’m unsure if this is even possible. As you can see in the example, the “Click for Bio” button animates the text on screen. The “^” button at the bottom then appears, and when that is clicked, the text fades out and the “Click for Bio” appears again. But when “Click for Bio” is clicked a second time, nothing happens. Any ideas??? My brain hurts, haha.


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    Jake Wilson

    Woah, yes! Thanks so much! How did you do this??? The only thing is, I need to be able to hide the “Click for Bio” button once it’s clicked (like in my example). Is there any way you could explain how you did it? I was actually about to start experimenting with mixing animation and object states, cause that might work. I’ll give that a go. Thanks again!

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    Oups! This one works on tablets!

    I’m not a teacher, but I can share the ID CC 2015 file — Exceptionally, for free this time!


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    Jake Wilson

    Duuuude, that was exactly what I needed, thank you so much for setting that up for me! I had no clue about the “reverse” option for the button! That’s crucial. Thanks again, I really appreciate it!

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