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    I have a document that includes a multiple page PDF on a number of pages. Currently the graphic frame containing the PDF is the same size as the full page (8.5 x 11 inches). I need to add a header and footer to each page, so I created an object style that reduces the dimensions of the graphic frame and moves it to specific X and Y coordinates so that it fits within the margins of my page.

    In the object style definition, I have Frame Fitting Options set to Fit Content Proportionally, and Auto-fit is selected.

    However, when I apply the object style to the graphic frame that contains the placed PDF page, the placed image does not resize. I have to manually choose one of the frame resizing options on the upper menu bar to get the content to resize. It doesn’t seem to matter what option I select up in that menu bar–I just deselected the “Auto-Fit” option and the content resized to fit the frame.

    I have reset my preferences, and that didn’t solve the problem, so I think I must be missing something about how object styles are supposed to work. Any suggestions?

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    Hi Melise,
    I think that the Frame Fitting Options are not active by default in the object style, did you turn to active the little checkbox corresponding to the Frame Fitting Options?

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    Yep…it is definitely enabled in the style.

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