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    I have a document that includes a multiple page PDF on a number of pages. Currently the graphic frame containing the PDF is the same size as the full page (8.5 x 11 inches). I need to add a header and footer to each page, so I created an object style that reduces the dimensions of the graphic frame and moves it to specific X and Y coordinates so that it fits within the margins of my page.

    In the object style definition, I have Frame Fitting Options set to Fit Content Proportionally, and Auto-fit is selected.

    However, when I apply the object style to the graphic frame that contains the placed PDF page, the placed image does not resize. I have to manually choose one of the frame resizing options on the upper menu bar to get the content to resize. It doesn’t seem to matter what option I select up in that menu bar–I just deselected the “Auto-Fit” option and the content resized to fit the frame.

    I have reset my preferences, and that didn’t solve the problem, so I think I must be missing something about how object styles are supposed to work. Any suggestions?

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    Hi Melise,
    I think that the Frame Fitting Options are not active by default in the object style, did you turn to active the little checkbox corresponding to the Frame Fitting Options?

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    Yep…it is definitely enabled in the style.

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    Olaf Nelson

    This is extremely frustrating. I have to import hundreds of images, almost all of which need to have a width of 264pt.
    I created an object style to do this, and I set frame fitting to Fit Content Proportionally.
    When I place some images and apply the object style, however, it only does the first step, setting the width without fitting the image. ¸

    I made two identical object styles, then set one to fit proportionally.
    When I apply either of them I get the same result: the frame width is set to 264pt but no fitting occurs.
    If I then click on the other style, the images are resized to fit proportionally (but their frames are not–they remain 264pt wide and however tall the original was).
    This happens even if the 2nd object style chosen is the one that says NOT to auto-fit.

    In other words, if I apply the style that should auto-fit, it does not do it. If I then apply the one that should not auto-fit, auto-fit happens.
    It works identically if they’re applied in the opposite order, which makes sense because the 2nd one is meant to auto-fit.

    My intention was to use two styles: the first would set the width AND auto-fit proportionally. The second would be identical but turn off auto-fitting so I could crop the frame without the image inside it resizing. I guess that will still work, except that I’ll always be wondering why it’s not doing exactly what I have told it to do.

    Also, is there a way to get it to resize the frame’s height when it auto-fits the image? I don’t like the extra step of hitting alt-ctrl-c every time.
    It should be a one-click operation (apply a style that sets width and auto-fits proportionally, then turns off auto-fit so I can crop), but is currently 3 steps (apply a style, apply a second style, alt-ctrl-c).

    I’m using the latest CC2018 in Windows 10.

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    What is “extremely frustrating”? … Import hundreds of images?

    Michel, for FRIdNGE

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    Olaf Nelson

    The original poster’s complaint, auto-fit in object styles not working properly, is extremely frustrating.
    Importing hundreds of images is just tedious.

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    Without being rude, I think it works correctly! …

    To be clear:
    When you import an image (I suppose one by one), you use cmd-D (OSX) or Ctrl-D (Windows)? Then you try to fit it proportionally and finally adjust the graphic frame?
    I count 3 steps! Right?


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    Olaf Nelson

    The problem has nothing to do with how many images are involved. I could select one image or 100 images and apply the object style.
    If the object style includes auto-fit, that is ignored.
    If I then select another object style–with auto-fit turned off–for those images, auto-fit happens.

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    David Blatner

    Yes, Olaf, I think this definitely a bug in InDesign:
    If you use both Size and Fitting in an object style, it only does size properly… the Frame Fitting Options are not applied correctly.

    Even if you name the object style “Place Gun Frame” it still does not work correctly:

    Applying an Object Style when Placing an Image

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    Olaf Nelson

    I did just discover something that I would not have expected.
    If auto-fit is NOT checked in Frame Fitting Options, but something other than “none” is selected in the Fitting dropdown menu, then it still applies that fitting to the object. I thought unchecking auto-fit turned it off. It apparently does not.

    So that means part of my complaint was incorrect: choosing another style doesn’t apply the auto-fit that was not applied by the style that includes auto-fit. But continuing to apply something that is turned off seems odd. Bug, or am I missing something?
    Not applying auto-fit when it is turned on seems like a bug for sure.

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    Olaf Nelson

    Thank you, David! I forgot about the place gun trick years ago.

    Just in case I might get a different result, I duplicated my style and named it Place Gun Frame. It DOES set the width correctly AND fits the image proportionally!
    In other words, the exact same style that only does the half its job with other names does both its jobs with the PGF name.
    That’s weird.

    It does still leave the frame height alone, so I still have to alt-ctrl-c, but it’s still the first thing I’ve done in InDesign today that’s made me genuinely happy.

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    … Olaf, just a last question: when you import an image, do you previously select a graphic frame (with the good width)

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    Just for comment:

    I use CC 2015. So I import, one after another, different images in a same graphic frame [I’ve applied an object style to it I’ve called “Shadow”,!
    Of course, the width is always the same but not the height!
    I’ve no problem! The different images correctly and immediately fill proportionally the frame and it’s correctly redimensionned to the height of the image…
    So nothing to do but just import the image in the frame! …
    I’ll post a video for the curious! Good night!

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    Olaf Nelson

    CC2015 does not include size in object styles, correct?

    Even when I was using 2015, I did not make empty frames in advance. That would be doing work that InDesign will do for me automatically when I (ctrl-D) place a bunch of images.

    And now that I know the Place Gun style technique, it’s easier. You should try it with your Shadow style.

    My images are not going into a grid or other pre-planned layout. After I place them and get the size correct, I have to put them in different places based on where they are referenced in the text. And since my object style has text wrap involved, I can have a bunch of empty frames sitting on the page pushing all the text away.

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    About Cc 2015, correct! That’s why I test impoting different images in a same graphic frame!
    Personnaly, I don’t really need this CC 2018 feature and David’s trick: without previously selecting a graphic frame, I’m totally able too to import an image in a frame with a certain width, a specific object style and an auto-resized height! … And I can understand your difficulties!
    I’ll post a video later!


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