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    I have several very large Microsoft Word documents; hundreds of pages each. The documents each contain 1 large table, that spans many many pages. I need to import this Word Document into InDesign, apply paragraph styles & 508 compliance, and then PDF it and add more compliance. My question is this: is there a way to automate the styling of particular table CELLS from Word to InDesign? OR, is there a way in InDesign to search for a particular cell formatting, select all of them, and apply a Table Cell Style to all of them? The Word docs have dark blue header cells, light blue header cells, and then regular body cells. And there are multiple header cells per table, so this is not a situation where I can just easily apply a table style. I know that you can search for certain font formats & change them all to a particular Paragraph style, but I am not familiar with a way to search for a cell’s formatting (i.e., the text style, the background color, the stroke, and the inset spacing). Can anyone help me with this problem? I really don’t want to have to do this manually!

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    You need a personalzed script for that!

    Michel, from FRIdNGE

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