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    Hi guys,

    What do you think is the best size for mobile and ipad? Should i work in pixels or mm. if i would like to print the design later on? Is there any internet guide to choose the size in pixels depending on most users?

    I am doing a Guide of Plants, basically short text and 2 pages of pictures. The client asked me for an interactive PDF (no epub).

    Landscape or horizontal format.

    – works right on presentations, tv screen, etc.
    – the same size can be easy to print later on.

    – i have to rotate and zoom in in my mobile for best visualization.

    Vertical format

    – user friendly in mobile

    – i have to do a new design for printing
    – not easily adaptable to horizontal, tv screens formats.

    Any suggestion for a project like this?

    Thanks for any tips or ideas.

    ps: sorry about my English

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