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    Nick Syrett

    What is the best way to send out pages or even complete documents for copy review?

    We need our reviewers to be able to suggest text changes to our final edit – PDF doesn’t really work as they cannot make changes to the text there, which leaves us wondering how best to output to MS word. Word seems like the best solution as everyone has it and we can see their track changes.

    This is what we do with the round of reviews prior to copy coming into our indesign file, but we still need to have the text reviewed at the final point before print.

    Thanks for any suggestions…

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    David Blatner

    Have you looked at InCopy?

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    That’s a tough one.

    I’m in book publishing, and editors and free-lance proofreaders both look at the files. They normally do it the fold-fashioned way–marking changes on the printed page proofs and we then edit the file in InDesign.

    I like David’s idea of InCopy–but must admit it would not work for me and my company. The publishing houses probably wouldn’t spend the money for various copies of InCopy for their editors nor have time to train them how to use it. And I doubt the free-lance proofreaders would spend the money or find a way to get trained.

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    Nick Syrett

    Yeah, I’m not keen on InCopy for the reasons stated.

    Any other options? I did try the text exporter plugin and while not perfect may be my best option?

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    David Blatner

    Well, Adobe dropped the price of InCopy to just $5/month per person… so that’s very reasonable for something that lets you edit the text. If you just need proofing, then there are many options out there.

    Take a look at GoProof from Oppolis ( or Tweak ( or PageProof (

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    Nick Syrett

    Thanks David. These proofing options look great and will likely do the trick!

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    Gert Verrept

    This gives good results too

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