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    Michael L.

    I have a document that is defaulting to English UK. When I try to set it back to English USA, it won’t stay changed. My default dictionary is set to English USA for the application. It is just this one file that is experiencing this. Any advice?

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    Since no one else has answered, I’ll wonder aloud: this isn’t by any chance one of those cases where the language attribute assigned to the text differs from the default dictionary, perhaps thanks to a character or paragraph style?


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    David Blatner

    Good point, David.
    Michael, what do you mean it won’t stay changed? Where are you changing it?

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      Michael L.

      That’s it – this document was created by a co-worker, whose Basic Paragraph style had Language set to English:UK in the Advanced Character Formats pane. I’ll have to talk to her about why she would do such a thing. She did not create a new paragraph style when she formatted the type, so some of the Basic attributes were still applying.
      I had been trying to change the dictionary in the Check Spelling dialog box. The Basic Paragraph Style was over-riding trying to change it there. Problem solved – Thank you both.


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      Davina Milne

      Amazing thanks so much for this. I have been trying to fix this issue for hours, now sorted!

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    Christine U

    Although I guess it’s too late to help with your document, I’ll post this here for future users. I just had this same problem, and it turned out the wrong language was part of the paragraph style, so I had to change it there before the document would spell-check in the proper language.

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    Thanks for this guys! I had the same problem, but being a Brit i wanted to change it to UK from USA, i couldn’t figure it out, just like Michaels original post, then i googled the problem, found this thread and changed the paragraph style, problem solved! Thank you!

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    Peggy Nehmen

    I have the same problem. I read the info above, edited “basic paragraph” style to English USA, plus all my other style sheets, (Saved!) but Check Spelling still says “Engish UK”. Suggestions?

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