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    I want to know is there a trick in indesign to return at the beginning of a line like in typewriter where the carriage goes back but the paper does not move. It was possible in IBM memory machines and in a system called Compugraphic (made in 1987) in US.

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    David Blatner

    You could set the “Leading” value to zero, I think.

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    Masood Ahmad

    Qamar, I think I didn’t understand your query. If you are in text mode, pressing the HOME button will take you to the beginning of a line. Please explain if there is something hidden in your post.

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    Assalam-o-Alaikum Mr Masood Ahmad

    My Question is clear. When you are typing on a typewriter carriage returns means you will go back at your desired point without moving the paper.
    Also in Compugraphic system this facility was there.

    I want to make a line with two different fonts and two different colors in the background.
    Which I did successfully by using above and below rule option with nested style. But not getting success in centring the second word.
    My theory is this what you can do manually you can do now in this age of advancement.
    In Compugraphic we used tab or indent before entering inputting the text. But there is no option in character style to indent it. neither with line indent or tab indent. I want it all in my style sheet because this type of text comes very often and I want it to be formatted with style sheet whenever I flow the matter on my page.
    I am putting a symbol and symbol related name in one line. The symbol is with blue background and the name is with yellow background.
    Symbol font is home made.
    Hope that you will look into it.
    thank you for replying. I do reside in Karachi and you are somewhere in Seraiki belt in my opinion.

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    David Blatner

    I am nowhere near Karachi, but I’m sure it’s lovely there!
    However, I do know that setting the leading to zero will make two lines appear “on top of” each other. For example:

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