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    Aaron Gray

    I know that this can be done; I’m just not script-savvy enough to do it. There is an option in the “Notes” panel to take the selected note and have it “Convert To Text.” However, I would like a script to take ALL the notes in a document and convert them ALL to text. Does anyone know how to do that? Thanks!

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    Hi Aaron,

    this can be done with one line. But realize that you maybe get overset text!



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    Aaron Gray

    Yes! That’s exactly what I needed, Kai. Thank you so much!

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    Newbie to scripting here. How do I get that above line to run in InDesign? I’m not very familiar with applescript, javascript and the like. I was trying to make new script files and loaded them into my User panel to run, but am getting error messages.

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    Aaron Gray

    Hi Holly. Check out the following blog post, and that will walk you through it. Good luck!

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    Thanks, Aaron! I was doing just about everything in that post already, but I guess I was using the wrong format/tools by trying to save out files from Script Editor/ExtendScript Toolkit. Then I couldn’t figure out how to save the .txt file as .jsx, since it wasn’t an option in the Save dialog. So I just renamed the extension on my desktop, installed it, and it works. Thank you!!

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    Aaron Gray

    No problem!

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