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    Hello, My name is Joseph first of i want to say thank you for the help you indesignsecrets helped me with my work.

    I am using now indesign to number custom labels i have like 32000 numbers,
    i want to add the from 1 to 16000 on the up of the page
    and the second from 16001 to the down of the page.

    imagine that the page is A4 and its divide by 2.

    what i came with is:
    i did automatic numbering from 1 to 8000 and then from 8001 to 16000 and export the the second part as pdf.
    i started to place the PDF file with the 8001 …. with the MultiPageImporter and its taking to much time and its crashing.

    i was think if i created outline the first numbering set, and re-added the automatic numbering down on the same file without exporting and placing how can i create outline to all indesign pages inside indesign file without exporting it?

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