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    Sarah Fisher

    How do I convert black line art (TIFF files) to spot color in InDesign? I import the TIFF into the box and then cannot find a way to change the black to color. Would really appreciate help on this! Thank you.

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    Tom Venetia

    If indeed your image is a .TIF file then all you have to do is to click on it with the direct selection tool (the second icon in the tools palette (you can also click A), then go to the color fill tool and apply any color to it.
    In the same way you can convert a color TIF image to any spot color or gray.

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    Opo One

    you can recolour a standard tiff in Indesign. but it must be saved as a greyscale tiff. as mentioned once imported to Indesign select the image with white arrow tool and you can recolour it with a colour from your swatches.

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    Sarah Fisher

    Thank you all for your help. I am working on applying your wonderful advice — and do appreciate your taking time to respond.

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    Tom Pardy

    Why are these entries not in chronological order? Is there a problem with the functioning of the site?

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      David Blatner

      Interesting problem, Furry. I believe that what you are seeing are “Replies.” However, there is no visual indication, so it’s confusing. The replies are supposed to be indented. Hm. Will have to inquire what is going wrong.

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    If the art file was saved correctly (bitmapped I believe), then once it’s positioned, select it with the white arrow unti it turns into the hand), then go to your swatches palette.

    Now in the top left of the palette there are two tiny boxes. One is for the fill or the picture box, and one is the color for the art. I’m not sure which is which off hand. But play around with it.

    If the first one you choose fills the picture box as a color, then you know it’s the other one. Click that to bring it forward and try again. It should then change the art color itself.

    If it’s greyed out, then you may need to resave your tiff as bitmapped.

    I don’t mean save as a .bmp, but rather in the color you choose bitmapped.

    I’m not really sure how to explain it, as we have the gal who does our art do all the resaving.

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